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Global Rent Roll Services
The Industry's leading authority on Real Estate Rent Rolls

Global Rent Roll Services

We have established this business to offer a truly holistic approach to Rent Roll Services.

Our business is underpinned by the simple philosophy of "Measure, Improve and Maximise Opportunities" within your Property Management Business.

Whether you are seeking to scale up your existing rent roll via organic or acquisition means, wanting to improve operational performance, or you wish to seek expert advice on preparing your business for sale to maximise asset value……then we are here to assist you.

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RollGauge Product
A Data Intelligence Tool for Rent Rolls

Roll Gauge Software

Get the edge on your property management competitors with this simple to use, yet powerful real time reporting tool. RollGauge has been purpose built to enable you to maintain a real time connection to your rent roll.

"RollGauge has allowed us to get under the bonnet of my rent roll and establish a level of visibility and real time control that we didn't think was possible"
- Michael Furlong, Director Map Real Estate

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